About Us

For anyone whose spine tingles at the thought of slipping that first strand of meat off a freshly smoked pork butt or inhaling the pungent fermentation of a soon-to-be-barreled batch of whiskey, this site needs no explanation. Better yet, the person who assumes that the only thing more glorious would be to smoke a butt with a used whiskey barrel, well, all we can say is keep reading …

The idea for Pigs & Pours was sparked on a late-night drive back from Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail. It began with the common pipe-dream of many an American male hovering around the point of midlife-crisis: Let’s start a whiskey and BBQ restaurant! Staying true to our GenX roots, however, we decided it would be easier and more fun to simply start a Website focused primarily on those two topics (as well as other impractical pursuits). Thus, Pigs & Pours was born.

The founding brain-trust includes Bryce Wells, Robert Jack, and Ryan Underwood. Between them they’ve worked in a variety of sales, editorial, and operational roles for Maxim, AOL, Fast Company, Inc.Boston Magazine, The Tennessean, and several Fortune 500 brands.

Email us at howdy@pigsandpours.com.

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