Enough about bacon! My arteries are starting to clog. Let’s immediately move onto things like, well, heavy cream. Specifically, heavy cream and whiskey.

In the spirit of full disclosure, let me be clear how much I dislike all brown liquors. There have been two exceptions. The first was isolated to a rather specific period of time that found me drinking Wild Turkey not because I enjoyed it, but because I was trying desperately to channel the spirit of two tragically heroic ladies. The other exception continues to this day. I won’t ever refuse an Irish coffee.

The father of a dear friend first introduced me to the concoction. Nearly twenty years ago, a motley crew of us traveled to sweet ol’Georgia for a weekend on a lake at the childhood home of said dear friend. His parents drank with the best of our group, which means they stayed up much later than I ever could. Morning after painful morning of that long weekend would begin with the smell of coffee brewing and the sounds of bacon frying. The following ritual would occur immediately upon entering the kitchen:

Coffee? Yes, please, of course. And then for the concocting: 7% coffee, 23% heavy whipping cream, .09% sugar, and the rest … Makers Mark. Talk about hair of the dog!

These Irish Coffees featured no fancy brown sugar or heavy cream trickled down the back of a spoon. Nope. By all appearances, this was a perfectly delightful, deceivingly simple cup o’joe. Only it wasn’t. By the time the bacon was ready, the first coffee had kicked in.  There was nothing to do but have another – and watch as the accompanying eggs WERE FRIED, FULLY SUBMURGED IN THE BACON GREASE!

But why wait for a trip to Georgia for something so delightful as Irish coffee? The weekend is within waving distance, and surely the kids can skip just one soccer game so the adults of the house can tie one on before 10 a.m. Come Saturday morning, make the original or try your own version. We brew up some of our favorite coffee from Aida Batlle, throw in a pinch of sugar, add whatever dairy-based product we happen to have on hand, and then fill up our favorite mug the rest of the way with Irish whiskey. Top of the mornin’ to you, indeed!