Little Serow…Big Envy

Right at about the time my boss was drolly telling me that travel funds would be pared back and tentative plans to jet off to Europe — maybe South America — were definitely off the proverbial table, my much better half was preparing for an evening of culinary bliss at Washington D.C.’s Little Serow.

An apparently easy-to-miss Thai restaurant owned by chef Johnny Monis and wife Anne Marler that was named one of Bon Appetit‘s Best New Restaurants in 2012 and the joint where the dear godmother of our eldest son works, I really, really wanted to go. But, alas, in D.C. Washington, I was not.

Waiting in vicarious anticipation to hear tell of the night out (silently, cruelly hoping the meal would SUCK since, wah!, I’m a baby) I skipped the marital niceties when we fired up FaceTime later that night and went straight to the food talk.

Drunkenly holding her iPhone above her head and pointing to a hotel wall covered with Revolutionary War-era scenes — is that Ethan Allen? — I ask how dinner was. WOOOOONNDERFULLL! Tastes that were like all together, like you know, real friendly, and real, real good. Lots of flavor.

What the fuck? Well, what did you have?

Agggghhhh, you would have LOOOOVED it.

So, fish, or what?

Yes, fish. Snake and fish … or something. Paprika maybe. I dunno. But damn it was good. Ah! And Vietnamese Whiskey the one the meat was in. Or Burma maybe…

Sounds magical. Good night. Love you.

Mercifully the good folks at Little Serow list their menu (see below) each week with the tantric minimalism one might expect from a place that has only 28-seats and prides itself on being hard to find. Nevertheless, it helped at least let me know what I missed — and gave me good incentive to tag along to D.C. next time.

nam prik narohk
catfish / tamarind / chilies

tom kha het
mushroom / pumpkin / galangal

bla chorn lom kwan
snakehead fish / kaffir lime / rice powder

nam ngeow
pork / sour tomato / crispy garlic

naem khao tod
crispy rice / sour pork / peanuts

khanom paak khah
radish cake / preserved garlic / egg

si krong muu
pork ribs / mekhong whiskey / dill